Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Primark Haul #1

Hello my lovelies :) It is no secret to anyone who knows me that i am a huge primark addict, and well if you didn't know you do now! While i was at university the wonderful Liverpool primark was a stones throw away from my flat so i was constantly purchasing things here and there. Now I'm home, the nearest primark is in Coventry which is the city right next door, but i do not drive and public transport takes half an hour at best and i don't do well with bus times ha, and now I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms! So when i went up to Liverpool last week for my birthday celebrations i could not resist 'nipping' into primark and purchasing a few things! 

The Cutest Chelsea boots ever! £15

I love these shoes, they remind me of the Steve Madden ones, great dupe for £8

I purchased this make up bag because i adore macaroons and i needed a new make up bag, i always seem to have mascara/ foundation explosions, £4

This cute white top, i don't often wear white but i really liked this top, £10 

Oh i just love kimonos, I'm like the Kimono Queen. They had this in 2 colours, the other was like a greeny colour, i struggled to decide, £15

When i got home this kimono reminded me of Hugh Hefner's dressing gown, haha but I've already it worn it three times, i love it and a bargain at £7 

So that's what happens when gabby falls into primark, hehe. I'm gonna try and go on Thursday on my day off because i need a new coat, i saw one in River Island but i can't afford to spend £80 on a coat :( *cry*, but yeah let me know about any recent primark hauls you may have done :) 

ciao xo 

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