Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Festival Season -Tips and Tricks

Festival season is nearly over, however there are a fair few left to go yet, and i do hope the weather holds out for them! This summer i have managed to go to two festivals; Global Gathering and V Festival and this is just a little post into what was essential for me to enjoy myself, be clean and dry! I'm not gonna lie, i am  a princess, the thought of festivals knocked me sideways, but if i can get through them anyone can! I thought I'd share a few of my essential items, tips and tricks with you

Hand Sanitiser: Portaloos, the outdoors, need i say more? Honestly i would have felt so dirty and grebby without it. (grebby is a word right?)

Wellies: Even if it isn't going to rain i recommend wellies. I didn't take them to global because it was horribly hot and dry, i wish i had because firstly, people stand on your feet and it hurts, secondly, the portaloos can be horrendous and wellies are a safe shoe option and finally, even if its dry the areas around the water taps becomes like trenches, i thought i got trench foot at global,  I didn't don't worry!

Portable Charger: Take one with you, so much cheaper than paying to charge at those portable hut things!

A £10 brick phone: Yep, you know the one, the cheapest phone tesco does. They have the longest battery life and if you lose it in a field or down the portaloo who cares?
Loo roll: Nothing worse than being caught short
E45: For that dreaded chub rub and sunburn, miracle cream! 

Face Wipes: Obviously for taking of makeup, but also to clean sticky hands, drink spillages, a quick gypsy wash and even if you run out of toilet roll they come in handy! I took three packets to both festivals, a fab idea, especially when UV paint is involved! 

Plasters: A godsend for when the wellies start rubbing your legs or you injure yourself trying to erect a tent. (yep, I'm that special)

Imodium : Lets face it, that kebab at 3am from a guy who's been there since 6am is gonna give you a dodgy stomach, and the last place you want to be is in a portaloo for a couple of hours! 

Finally girls, a bumbag or fanny pack: Honestly the best invention ever, my belongings were secure and attached to me, could even sleep with it on and most importantly it leaves your hands free to dance or make hand hearts at Justin Timberlake! 

I hope these brief 10 tips help before the festival season is out! 

Me and the girls at V xo

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